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As you know, San Francisco is the known as the fourth most popular city in California. It is the only consolidated city-county in California and is the second most densely populated large city in the United States. It encompasses a land area of 46.7 square miles and has a population of 744,230 residents with immigrants coming over from all over the world.

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The Golden Gate Bridge which is the landmark of this city is visited by tourists from everywhere. It is one of the most majestic and biggest bridge constructions in the world. The city of San Francisco is the largest center for financial, cultural and transportation of the Bay Area. The climate of this city is beautiful and the mornings in winter are definitely a sight to catch at the bridge. It’s a pleasant place to be in even during spring and summer so this is one place you can have a city vacation in anytime of the year. For more places to visit in San Francisco, take a look at the brief descriptions of most of these places mentioned for you in the following paragraphs. More on San Francisco tourism.

Best Places to Visit in San Francisco

There are many places to visit in San Francisco as it is a beautiful county and with the places there are a number of things you have to try out while you’re there. Read on to know more about these places to visit in San Francisco in the coming paragraphs for you! More on things to do in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge and Park
One of the tallest bridges in the world, the Golden Gate bridge is the most beautiful and fascinating piece of architecture you can find in this city. It is situated on the Highway 101 North which links San Francisco with the Marin county and gives the best view of the city. The famous Alcatraz and the Marin headlands are also visible from the bridge and are a steal to watch the sunrise and the sunset over them. Like the bridge, the Golden Gate park is also one of the largest with an area of 1,000 acres which includes the Stybing Arboretum and many botanical gardens. It has Japanese tea gardens, Asian Art Museum, Morrison Planetarium, field sports and playgrounds for children. I am sure it will take you the whole day to see these and more when you’re in the park, so don’t miss it.

Pier 39
This is the second most important and popular attraction in California with it’s stunning sea lions and more than 100 kinds of stores which are one of their kinds. The Pier 39 has everything from restaurants to fun filled attractions along with the newest Underwater World Aquarium which you have to visit if you’re there for the day. The fun gets doubled with the shows put up by the two-tiered carousels and street entertainers when they make you do tricks like theirs. This is one of the coolest places to visit in San Francisco. More on California vacations.

While entering the Dragon’s Gate which is the entrance of Chinatown, San Francisco, all you see is the hustle and bustle for the next 24 blocks. The oldest street in San Francisco which is situated there is known as the Great Avenue and has a long chain of exotic shops, food markets, temples, tiny museums and restaurants with the tastiest Chinese food. The Chinese New Year which is celebrated every February is a week full of festivals and parades with dancing dragons and people all over the place. It is indeed the best place to visit during this time of the year with a display of multiple colors and decorations. Chinatown can be one of those places to visit in San Francisco for kids along with the museums and the zoo of course.

San Francisco is also very famous for the beaches that it has, the best one being the Ocean Beach on the west edge of the city! This beach lies on the Pacific Ocean and is always an exhilarating experience to have, with the clear waters and the clear skies above. If you want a sea side hotel, the Cliff house placed on this beach is definitely a place to stay at. The Farallon Islands, 30 miles away are also visible from this beach. The other beaches are situated at the Northern edge are the China Beach and the Baker Beach. There are water sports and swimming and many other beach activities on these beaches. If not anything else all you can do is simply get sun tanned on the beach! The beaches are surely the greatest places to visit in San Francisco bay area. More on San Francisco attractions.

Apart from these few main attractions for places to visit in San Francisco, you can visit the Union Square, the Alcatraz prison, the San Francisco Zoo, the Bay Bridge, the Presido and the Fisherman’s Wharf. These can be some great experiences you can take with your family and friends. You can go shopping, take cable rides all over the city, watch musicals and have the best vacation in San Francisco. Every place you visit there is definitely something new to see and feel, and that is the best part about this beautiful and fun city of California.

While in San Francisco…