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The real fun in New York City travel is getting around the city. There is an intangible but strong sense of accomplishment in being able to go from one destination to another within this almost intimidating maze of the Big Apple.

Fortunately, there are several methods of getting around New York City. There are buses, taxis, and the world-famous subway. Tourists may want to consider renting their own car but for very short distances, walking is highly recommended.

Here are several important tips to remember when you use any of these methods.

New York City Travel On Foot

If you are not ready to walk for more than a couple of blocks, then your New York City travel plans need to be changed. Walking is inevitable in New York City. Even when you ride in subway trains or buses, you will still need to walk a few more blocks to get to your ultimate destination. Happily, you will be walking with many other New Yorkers and the sidewalks are paved and wide.

New York City Subway

The most popular mode of transportation in New York City is the subway train. It charges the virtually same right at all destinations. For New York City travels with tight budgets, the subway is the most affordable way in getting around the city.

The one thing to remember is to have a MetroCard with enough credit. Metrocards can be conveniently purchased from token booths and vending machines and you can use a credit card. You could enjoy discounts if you would buy Metrocard’s One-Day Fun Pass and the Seven-Day or 14-Day Unlimited Pass.

When using the subway, it is also important to pay attention to the letters and numbers of the subway line. A good guide is the free subway map available at token booths.

New York City Travel By Car

With New York’s traffic, getting your own rental car may not make sense at all. But if you must have your own car, the first thing to remember is that New York City’s traffic rules about right turns are different.

Right turn on red is generally not allowed. Private cars must give way to fire engines, police cars, and public transportation. With expensive rates, it is not recommended to drive a rental car in New York City.

Buses and Taxis

When riding a bus, it is important to have an exact amount for the fare because the bus drivers will not give you change. In fact, many bus passengers prefer to use MetroCards. To choose the right bus, remember the letters and numbers. The letters indicate the borough while the numbers indicate the street. Therefore, the M72 bus operates in Manhattan on 72nd street.

When riding in a taxi, you should look for yellow cars with a medallion on the hood. Hail only taxis that have lit taxi numbers, which indicates that the driver is on-duty. Make sure that there is a special taxi license plate, stickers on the windshield, and a divider inside.

If you plan on using your credit card, ask first if the taxi’s credit card machine is working. Fare information can be found at the NYC.gov website but remember that passengers must pay all toll fees and there is a rush hour (4-8 PM) surcharge of $1 and a night surcharge of $0.50. Tips are between 10-20%.