Like you, travel  experts can’t live without their tech gadgets when they travel.  Needless to say, applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPad were high on most lists, but there are still plenty of great tools out there for other smartphone users and even those with just regular cellphones.

Rob Katz, chairman and CEO Vail Resorts: “When I’m traveling around the U.S. I use Yelp. It helps me quickly find almost any amenity and has reviews and additional information. I also use Open Table quite a bit.”

Christopher J. Nassetta, president and CEO Hilton Worldwide: “I never leave for a trip without my iPad. Not only do I keep connected to the office on it via email and other applications, but I also keep current with the news, such as reading The Wall Street Journal online. When I’m traveling with my kids, it has also come in handy to have some games loaded on my iPad to keep them busy.”

Samantha Brown, Travel Channel host: “I spent all last year traveling to Asia and after weeks of being fed a TV diet of only the BBC I could hum their theme music with absolute perfection and imitate up to four distinct British accents. So for me Slingbox is one of the most ingenious ideas I had ever heard for the international traveler. Essentially through a box and a program, my laptop becomes my home TV so no matter where I am in the world I can watch my favorite DVRed shows from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ to ‘30 Rock’ to ‘Meet the Press.’ Only problem? Even 10,000 miles away my husband and I can still fight over the remote.”

Thomas Stuker, United Airlines top frequent flier with 9.75 million miles: “My two favorites, especially with all the international travel is Skype — both on my computer and now on my phone — to stay connected with friends and business associates around the world for just pennies and my second one is Slingbox — again on both my computer and my phone — so I can watch my Bulls and Blackhawks in the playoffs as well as my Cubbies attempt in vain to win the World Series for the 100-plus year in a row.”