We’re digging through data as provided on hotel review sites and related studies and are finding some very interesting information that can be helpful to your hotel, if you have a reputation management strategy in place. If you don’t read on.

My friend Adele Gutman VP of Sales and Marketing with HK Hotels has all four of her hotels in the top four positions of TripAdvisor’s New York hotel ranking.  Because she does such a spectacular job with her online reputation management, in addition to her passion of creating a remarkable experience for guests, her hotels now earn more than 50% of revenue through direct website bookings.

What are some of Adele’s reputation management takeaways?

  • “Reputation creates demand.”
  • “Everything you do is reputation management: from hiring and training staff to the type of linens you order for the guest rooms.”
  • “Imagine the reviews you want, and then become the hotel that inspires them.”

Here’s what Forrester Research is saying the benefits of reputation management.

  • When considering two properties, travelers say the presence of management responses would sway 68% in their favor
  • 79% say a management response to a bad review reassures them
  • 78% say a management response to a good review makes them think highly of the hotel

So what’s your strategy for your online reputation management?

Tom Costello is the CEO, Partner & Co-Founder of Groups International, a company that provides marketing, consultative services, and technology solutions to the group and leisure travel markets.  Connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook or contact him by email.